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The Newman Review is an e-publication of the National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) featuring scholarly, original articles on John Henry Newman’s legacy and its relevance for today. Manuscripts demonstrating critical engagement with Newman’s life and thought are encouraged. The Newman Review is internally reviewed by NINS academic staff.

Considering Online Education through Newman’s Principles

Newman’s The Idea of a University outlines his theory and ideal of university education and can offer us some important principles to guide our thinking about the possibilities of online education.

Newman’s University Journal and Its Significance

The journal is perhaps one of Newman’s most practical texts on education due to the intimate voice that Newman uses to describe the difficulties and particularities of founding a university.

Letters from a Scientist: Newman’s Correspondence with St. George Jackson Mivart

While the unravelling of Mivart’s reputation among the Catholic leadership primarily occurred after Newman’s death in 1890, a correspondence between Newman and Mivart is housed in the NINS Digital Collections.

Letter from a Poet: Gerard Manley Hopkins to Ignatius Ryder

Just seven months before his death, the now famous poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ, penned the following letter to Henry “Ignatius” Ryder.

Newman in America: Correspondence with J. B. Purcell, Archbishop of Cincinnati

In 1875 John Baptist Purcell wrote to Newman that some in the United States were opposed to a pamphlet he published in a Catholic Liverpool paper.

Fr. John Lingard (1771-1851): Between Enlightened Catholicism and the Newmanian Second Spring

This essay will introduce readers to Lingard, one of the major intellectual lights of the English Catholic community when Newman joined it in 1845 at Littlemore.

“Knowing God, Being Made holy,” A Lecture by Jennifer Newsome Martin

This lecture addresses the theme in St. John Henry Newman of the gradual—some would even say ordinary—pursuit of holiness throughout the course of the course of our human lives.

Newman High: More Lessons for Secondary Teachers

John Thompson’s post entitled “Newman High: Some Notes on Newman for Secondary Educators,” raises some important and timely questions for those teaching at the pre-college levels. We write to share one resource and three additional lessons from Newman that may further help secondary educators strengthen their professional practice.

Newman and Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius

Composed in 1900, a decade after the Cardinal’s death, Elgar’s Gerontius is not a collaboration but a new interpretation. What, then, did Newman’s poem mean to Elgar, and how did the composer articulate Newman’s vision musically?

Revisiting the Threefold Office of Christ in the Church

One of the most significant contributions of the Second Vatican Council lay in its appropriation of the tria munera—that is the threefold office of Christ as priest, prophet, and king—as an architectonic structure for reflection on the church.

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