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Jessica Woodward

Jessica Woodward

Librarian at Pusey House, Oxford

Jessica Woodward is the Librarian at Pusey House. She joined in April 2020, after having worked in several Oxford University libraries. She has a BA in French and Spanish from Keble College, Oxford, and an MA in Translation from the University of Surrey. A graduate of the Bodleian Libraries’ Trainee Scheme, she is currently completing a PGDip in Information and Library Studies at the University of Aberystwyth.

Pusey House, Oxford Joins NINS Digital Collections
Newman Today
Pusey House, Oxford Joins NINS Digital Collections

For readers who are interested in using the Pusey House collections for their research, here is an overview of what we have. Only original materials have been digitized, so the digital collection is slightly smaller than the physical one, but every authentic Newman item we have should now be accessible online. 

Jessica Woodward
Jessica Woodward
December 08, 2021
7 min
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