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Austin Cottrell

Austin Cottrell

Austin Cottrell received his Masters in Philosophy from Duquesne University. In his free time he enjoys reading and spending time with his partner Michaela and their two cats.

Revisiting <em>The Spirit of the Oxford Movement</em>, by Christopher Dawson
Revisiting The Spirit of the Oxford Movement, by Christopher Dawson

Richard Dawson did not write “The Complete History of the Oxford Movement.” Instead, he gives us “The Spirit of the Oxford Movement,” a thoroughgoing account of the relationships and friendships between three of the movement’s figureheads: Keble, Froude, and of course, Newman. By focusing on the relationships between the movement’s pioneers, Dawson can argue for the emotional impetus that underlies the mission of the Oxford Movement, a sense that is perhaps best captured by the men’s poetry rather than their Tractarian works.

Austin Cottrell
Austin Cottrell
December 15, 2023
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Meeting Newman in the Conversion of Bill Evans (1933–2017): A Review of Time to Delay No Longer
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