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About the Newman Review

The Newman Review is an e-publication of the National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) featuring scholarly, original articles on John Henry Newman’s legacy and its relevance for today. Manuscripts demonstrating critical engagement with Newman’s life and thought are encouraged. The Newman Review is internally reviewed by NINS academic staff. NINS was conceived as a forum for exchanging ideas and discoveries about Newman’s thought and its continuing relevance, and the Newman Review is an extension of that mission. The Newman Review complements the Newman Studies Journal, NINS Digital Collections, NINS Scholars Program, and the Gailliot Center for Newman Studies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Newman Studies Journal

Founded in 2004 by the National Institute for Newman Studies, the Newman Studies Journal (NSJ) is an interdisciplinary research publication dedicated to the life, work, and thought of John Henry Newman and their continuing significance. The NSJ welcomes submissions that explore Newman’s life and works, his predecessors, contemporaries and successors, his reception throughout history, and his influence today. It also features studies that situate or adopt Newman’s approach within current scholarly or critical debate on a wide variety of topics. Additionally, the NSJ includes reviews of Newman-related publications. Newman Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed publication under the supervision of the editors with assistance from an editorial board, composed of noted Newman scholars. The National Institute for Newman Studies holds the copyright for Newman Studies Journal.
Newman Studies Journal

NINS Digital Collections

NINS digital collections contain the most comprehensive archive of works authored by John Henry Newman in the world, including 500,000+ digitized images of Newman's handwritten papers, 3000+ books and articles published by (or about) John Henry Newman, and an extensive database of the card catalog used by Newman to check out/in books from the Oriel College Library. NINS Digital Collections also includes the popular Newman Reader, which includes HTML version of Newman's primary works.
NINS Digital Collections

Visiting Scholars Program

The National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) offers a Visiting Scholars Program for scholars who wish to devote a period of research, 2 to 8 weeks, and writing in the field of Newman Studies. Candidates for this program are admitted at two levels: $2,000 or $1,200 stipend, plus lodging at the institute. Qualification for these two categories are based on the following criteria.
NINS Scholars Program

Gailliot Center for Newman Studies

Building on a bequest made by Fr. Giese, NINS has a print book collection with over 4000 volumes, with additions being made regularly to acquire the most recent Newman scholarship. The library is located at the Gailliot Center for Newman Studies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is available to researchers-in-residence through the Visiting Scholars Program and, by special arrangement, to others who have an in interest in Newman.
NINS Library
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